Mens' Treatments

Our Menu dedicated especially for Men!

MAN’icure Hand Treatment 

30 minutes - £18.00
Hands are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with treatment creams, cuticles are conditioned and groomed and nails are trimmed and shaped.

Executive Foot Therapy

45 minutes - £23.00
A relaxing and grooming foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother. Cuticles will be made neat and tidy and toenails will be perfectly shaped.

Hopi Ear Candles

45 minutes - £32.00
This Indian Relaxation Therapy relaxes, calms the mind and soothes the senses. Ear candles are an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. Massage is used as part of this treatment to maintain physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the build-up of stress and tension in the muscles from everyday use.


45 minutes - £36.00
Reflexology treatment is a complementary therapy that works on the feet to balance and unblock energy pathways of the body. It enables the body to heal, relax and release stress while achieving a feeling of complete well-being.

Swedish Massage

Full body massage: 60 minutes - £43.00
Back, neck and shoulder massage: 30 minutes - £23.00
Shoulder, face and scalp massage: 30 minutes - £23.00
Its invigorating and relaxing effect promotes blood circulation, the lymphatic elimination of toxins, helping the body regain its natural balance.

Lava Shell Recovery Massage

30 minutes - £32.00        60 minutes - £58.00
This treatment promotes deep relaxation as physical and emotional tension is released and can help relieve aching of muscles and over exertion. Combining deep massage moves with the heat of the Lava Shells, this treatment is designed to encourage deep relaxation of muscles to allow the body to re-energise. This will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and supple.

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes - £34.00
This Ayurvedic technique works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. It helps to reduce stress, fatigue and eyestrain and increases mental clarity and a sense of relaxation.

Face Treatments

Pure Performance - Purify

Active purifying treatment. 60 minutes - £48.00
A deep cleansing treatment to remove impurities, rebalance excessive oil production and leave the skin with a matte finish.

Hydra Performance - Hydrate

Active restoring treatment. 60 minutes - £48.00
An active treatment for dry and dehydrated skin, compromised by biological and environmental stress, frequent flying, exposure to sun, and extreme weather conditions. Encourages deeply hydrated, extremely smooth and compact skin.

Age Performance
- Renew/Nourish/Anti-ageing

Active revitalising treatment. 75 minutes - £77.00
For those men who are concerned with ageing this active facial treatment combats wrinkles and expression lines, encouraging cellular turnover. Skin is left feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.
CACI Ultimate icon

CACI Ultimate

One of the most advanced non-surgical facial toning systems available is available here at After the Rain. Famous for facial toning, the multifunctional ‘Ultimate’ machine also offers skin rejuvenation that targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne, skin blemishes and sun damage. Individual facials will of course give results but for the optimum results we recommend a course of 10 treatments, at a rate of at least 2 per week. After the course is completed a maintenance facial should be taken once a month. Book for your free consultation to find out how we can help you!
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LPG Endermolift

LPG Lifts deliver micro-beats to the skin's surface to stimulate the youth cells (fibroblasts) in-depth, restarting their natural production of collagen and elastin. This technique replenishes and redensifies the skin in depth to help diminish the signs of ageing, leaving your face looking radiant and feeling revitalised.

A consultation with one of our therapists will help you choose from one of the following treatments: 

Detox Energising Lift Treatment 

20minutes - £20.00
Refreshes tired, dull complexions caused by stress, smoking by re oxygenating skin

Revitalised skin in as little as 15 minutes!

Revitalising Eye Treatment

25minutes - £25.00
Reduces eye contour wrinkles decongests puffy eyes and erases dark circles for a fresh and wide-eyed look

Face Re-Sculpting

35minutes - £35.00
Aids in slimming down the double chin and lower face for redeļ¬ned facial contours and a more chiselled face.

Cellular Stimulation Lift Treatment

 30 minutes - £30.00
A complete face and neck treatment to promote a toned neck and youthful looking skin
Express treatments for specific facial areas, 10 Minutes Long £15.00 Each

Spray Tanning

A Kissed by Mii spray tan is the perfect way to create the natural look of summer all year round. Our mineral enriched, odourless formula dries quickly to leave you with flawless, streak-free colour and soft, smooth, skin

Full body spray application

£25.00 - 30 Minutes

Half body spray application

£15.00 - 15 Minutes

Mens' Waxing

Centred on organic ingredients ethically sourced from the Australian coastline, forest and bush lands, Outback Organics is firmly making its mark in the hair removal world. But this brand is not just winning with its wax – they have developed a full range of “prevent it / treat it” products that simply knock their competitors out of the water.
Are you scared of waxing because of the spots you get afterwards? Our post wax spray helps prevent ugly pimples that can appear post wax on chests and back areas.
Back or Chest Wax - £22.00

 Back & Chest Wax - £35.00 

 Eyebrow Tidy - £8.00 

 Legs - £20.00
After the Rain Health & Beauty Ltd in Great Holland provides full body spray tan and salon services for men. 

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Our services are suitable for those who live in Frinton-On-Sea, Holland-On-Sea, Walton on the Naze, Kirby Cross, Kirby-Le-Soken and Thorpe-Le-Soken.

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