Eye Treatments

Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments

Nurturing, refining and TLC therapy.
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Give definition to your face and reduce the need for mascara or brow pencil by darkening your brows/lashes.

Brows tailored perfectly to you for only £24.00

For the perfect set of brows to beautifully frame your face, this bespoke eyebrow treatment begins with an in-depth consultation, followed by tinting, waxing, shaping and finishing. Whether your eyebrows are in need of nurturing, refining or just a little TLC, Brow by Mii is the perfect treatment for you. Results will last 4-6 weeks.

Patch test required 24hrs before treatment. 
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Eyebrow Tweeze
(Re-shape with tweezers)

15 minutes - £7.00

Eyelash Tint

15 minutes - £11.00

Eyebrow Tint 

15 minutes - £8.00

Lash and Brow Tint 

15 minutes - £15.00

Eyebrow Wax

Visit After the Rain Health & Beauty Ltd in Great Holland for the perfect eyelash and eyebrow tint. 
Call our team on 01255 317 721 for an appointment, or book online.

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